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Integrated Student Data Dashboard
The new landscape of assessment in Washington state is increasingly complex.
It now includes SBA, MSP, HSPE, EOC-Math, and EOC-Biology. These measures come from a variety of data systems and are displayed in various formats. Let CEE help you navigate the challenges of this complicated system with comprehensive, timely, and useful reports to support your improvement work at district and building levels.

Integrated Student Data Dashboard Integrated Student Data Dashboard
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CEE provides comprehensive data and consulting services to assist you in meeting the challenges that currently surround the many mandates for increased student achievement.

Through our data reports, surveys, and on-site consulting, schools have the necessary tools to conduct a deep analysis of student performance, stakeholder perception, and the effectiveness of current practices. Our user-friendly tools make it easy to identify areas of strength and areas of necessary change that lead to achievement-focused action. CEE solutions assist in many ways, including:
  • Redirecting time spent creating the data profiles to time spent using the data to impact student achievement
  • Assisting with staff assessment literacy through comprehensive, visual data profiles
  • Building and sustaining instructional capacity and staff collaboration
  • Guiding team focus upon leveraging practices that are clearly effective and taking action on clearly defined areas of need


To develop and deliver data tools and services that inform and support school and district improvement.

Mission Statement

To increase student learning by improving the effectiveness of educational institutions.


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